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By Froste_10
#73704 So basically i found a green meowth (boss) i screen shotted the whole fight so here it is if enough proof i would like the prize thx and some of the other pics could not put in 4 files cause i dont know,sDzbhsx,FhPBXOq,A5rh7sl
Edit: username is Froste_10
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By Rzxa
#73705 what server you are referring too?
like General Disscusion and not saying what server is it is how could they know?
plus i think you didn't put your username if you want to learn how to use the thread check what do you do in the thread and look for other post too.
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By AnDwHaT5
#73757 ... You do realize ajps's forums is the same as the hubs forums -_- i am locking this also a mod must be with you when you do it. Dont make spam posts on this forum. Do it on my forum... wait i think that came out wrong... ok dont spam forums with things in the wrong forums @[email protected] ^_^ ima lock this for now so you see then delete it later due to irrelevance.