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By Kuwoobie
#73717 One of the players on our server claims there is a new version of optifine that works within Pixelmon. Immediately everyone panicked and told him to log out and uninstall it. Apparently there is a widespread rumor claiming that Optifine has the power to crash a Pixelmon server, specifically stating trouble with Icy/Mossy stone and Porygon textures.

I decided I'd give the rumor a test. I teleported to said Optifine user and placed each of the elemental stones before him, and a porygon. Nothing happened. So I broke the stones. The act of breaking the stones caused him to crash, but had no effect on the server. We tried it once more, he crashed, server was fine.

Is there some detail I'm missing here? --or is the myth busted?

One other question:

I've noticed we are not allowed to include music from the Pokemon games in a resource pack due to (I'm assuming) copyright issues. We cannot use the music, but the names and likeness of the pokemon themselves is ok?