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By rezail89
#73930 Hey everyone! So, I have been working on a new Server for probably around 3 weeks.
Most of my time has been spent just getting it functioning and adding plugins and mods.
So I still have a lot to due on just regular maintenance. I just can't handle all the building myself.

What I am Looking for:
Currently I am working on a starter city, and It needs to be detailed and BIG. So I need your help in doing that.

Couple of Requirements: (Because I want this done somewhat professionally)
- Must have TS or Skype. Communication is a must.
- Be able to supply some images of your builds. I need to know your skill level.
- Must be professional.
- Be able to receive critiques and criticisms. Constructive criticism is a good tool for growth.
- Not falling in love with a particular build and be willing to make changes to better serve the world. This is about the server as a whole.

Some Bonus Skills:
- WorldEdit
- Voxel
- Essentials Commands

- Choose which town you would like to build.
- Have first dibs on Gym Leader Status.
- Higher chance of being eligible for being Moderator.
- Choosing any one Non-Legendary Pokemon.

If interested, please Email me at [email protected] or post here. E-mail is preferred.
Please include links to your builds (videos, pictures, etc), a little bit of information about yourself and your preferred method of contact.