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By mersinaryboy
#76521 Hey i would like to talk to you about modeling and wasn't sure of where to ask about it so if you could reply to this or something that would be great.

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By Burgy
#76526 All you really need to know about modelling is; that it has to be a low polygon model and the community will give you feedback.
That's about it.

We accept any modelling programs that have an option to export to a wavefront object file. As well as Techne, but that's not advised.
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#76612 you can make any pokemon you like excluding gen 5-6 (gen 5 can be made in october when x and y come out) and we want you to export as an obj
By Harbinger
Echamp wrote:I think you mean gen 6 gen 5 is out already like sandile is a part of gen 5.

What SPG means is models of gen 5 wont be added until gen 6 is out(being X and Y) out of respect to Gamefreak. Ones already in game like Sandile were already added before the decision was made.