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By TopShopGamer
#6106 What a great mod, my friends insisted I get it running on our server and it's well worth the transition away from Bukkit. The only problem that I'm having is that there are waaaay too many trainers. I changed the config file setting for it down from 100 to 1 thinking it would help and it didn't really.

It doesn't really seem like trainers are despawning at all. They're spawning at a slower rate now but they just keep piling up. I've tried cleansing with fire and swords which helped for a bit but they just come back. Another note, they seem to have too much HP. It takes quite a few hits from a diamond sword to kill them.

Anyway, am I missing something on how tame these trainers? They're breeding like bunearys. At any given point I can see a handful of trainers around me.

By Skibb
#6123 I can reproduce this . I even set it to 0 and they are still there . We tried to kill them but they just come back . It makes my server laggy as hell ...
By TopShopGamer
#6128 Sweet, thanks for the speedy response.

I counted btw, it takes 15 hits with a diamond sword to kill a trainer. At first I thought it seemed excessive but then I couldn't think of a good reason to be killing them under normal circumstances.

edit: I forgot to post it, I'm running 1.9.6. I assume you're talking about the next upcoming beta.