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By aidster8000
#6296 My idea is that there should be a magic PC or something that allows players to transfer their Pokemon from SP world to SP world, or maybe even server to server if the data of the magic PC's are stored on the players computer, and just allow Pixelmon Servers to search for the data and impliment it to the magic PC data on the server. It'd be a bit messy in some cases, like duplication, but for the most part, it would be cool.
Say your ideas.
~Aidster8000 :3

By tallguitarmandude
#6680 You can do that yourself. If you want your pokemon to go with you to another server all you have to do is copy your personal save file from the "saves" folder and paste it in the new server/ world.
By SeductiveSmoke
#6719 Alternatively, if you play on a computer with your default MC account on a world, switch to another computer and play it on the same world via LAN (With that same minecraft account), you will still have your pokemon.