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By Jaekafer
#6394 Okay, but the sup biomes that are initially in the game is what I meant.
eg. You have Taigas, Extreme Hills, Mushroom Islands etc, but you also have what are called 'Technical Biomes' which are things like forresthills, taigahills, beach and so one ( ... cal_biomes)

Also, this doesn't answer the first half of my question, can you edit what biomes they spawn in?
For instance, if I wanted Magicarps to spawn in the desert by default (For the sake of argument) could that be done?
By Beowulf
#6397 It doesn't have to be for he sake of arguement. I am just trying to awnser your question. I haven't got to look at the code as far as spawning goes but I am going to go look now and try to awnser asap, unless someone beats me to it.

EDIT: It looks like you could change it, but it would require changing the database file. You would have to change it within its limits though, because Magikarp only spawn within water, not desert, water within desert possibly. I do not think the devs would be the ones to do this for you unless it is easy and not so time consuming (but it is). Hope I helped xD and I am not sure if MrM went as far as the Technical biomes. Ask him whenever he gets on or he reads this post and corrects me if I am wrong.

EDIT2: As for the Technical biomes here is a quote from the link you have given me > "Technical biomes are found alongside or within their larger counterparts. They are not considered true biomes but they are referred to as biomes in the code and the debug menu." Based off of that then I would say yes but don't quote me.
By Jaekafer
#6479 Disappointing but thanks for the help! ^^

I was thinking of making a multiverse server with separate regions (Kanto, Johto etc) and making only the pokemon native to the region able to spawn there.
So that's unfortunate, but if that's how it is, then that's how it is!

Thanks again for the help~ Jaekfer!