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By zabrez
#6612 I have a fairly fast laptop, and minecraft usually runs great. However, with Pixelmon it runs incredibly slow and laggy, even with short render distance, fast graphics, and all extravagances off. Is there anyway to fix this, or is this just a super taxing mod? :(

By KamiKazeKenji
#6670 I've had performance issues with Pixelmon too, but (most of) it should be fixed next update.

In the meantime (if you're playing on your own server/single player), try reducing the number of Pokemon spawns by editing .minecraft/config/Pixelmon.cfg. That's pretty much the only way to avoid the lag right now. (Hint: The graphics settings are not the issue. I've discovered that certain Pokemon cause lag.)
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By Tom_X
#6787 Pixelmon is a mod which adds lots of features, and therefore uses much memory to run. If you made a world with bonus chest=on, then re-start it without the bonus chest, as it causes major lag. Installing Optifine also helps, and with those both things I don't have much lag on my world, but I have low spawn rates.
By Boogaluke
#6915 to be honest after the update, it's been running much faster for me than before, and this is without optifine for me :)