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By Buildingchris
#6686 Hey there :) I really love this mod,so i also LP it on YT ^^ And my subscribers said that i should make a server :P Now I have one,but I have some ideas therewith the server would be better ^^

1. The possibility to mark a region and adjust which Pokemons in which level in this region could spawn :) So then we can make an original adventure ^^

2. Money Feature ( i think u are already working on it ) that when I lose or win on a server i will ever get/lose money ^^

3. Gym Leaders which are NPCS,where we can choose the pokemon,levels,attacks and Text and what they say at the end or beginning of a Battle :) Additional the Gym leader should only stand and can only battle when somebody challange him ^.^

It would be very nicen when you might like to add some of this suggestions and sorry for my bad english and when it's already written somewhere in the forum :) I don't know how much work it would be so pls write constructive answers back (=

Chris :)

By GeneralEco
#32306 I think that this may take a bit of work but it would be very cool to see this happen. Although I also like to have real players as gym leaders because they can problem solve and work to make their Pokemon able to defend against type advantages