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By ninjajoehenes48
#6922 so im trying to make my server have a slight rpg aspect to it but i cant get command blocks to spawn in items to make a command block store or to give like a pokedex to someone. is it even possible to do this? when i try the /give command it says "there is no such item with item id 10027" if it is possible to spawn the items, please help.
also im not sure if i posted in right forum.

By ninjajoehenes48
MrMasochism wrote:you have to add 255 or 256 to the number in the config to spawn it in. I forget which

What exactly do you mean?
I need to go into the config and change the id's by adding 255 or 256 to each item i want to spawn in?
or do i just take the number when trying to spawn it and then add 255-256 to it so example, the pokedex is 10027 so instead of /give <me> 10027 i would type /give <me> 10282?

Edit: ok i figured it out thanks. also it was 256 i tried both.