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By CincyReds
#84516 Whoever made the video for the installation video did a fantastic job. You guys should make a video on how to model pixelmon. Fan made models would probably not be as great as the ones made by the professionals, but there could be a few worthy ones made. I actually downloaded one of the things used to model stuff, but could not for the life of me figure it out. It's just a thought that would hopefully benefit everyone.

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By Apex
#84536 It depends on what modeling program you're using. If you're having issues learning your program of choice you're better off looking at their official starting guide (if they have one) or looking on Google for tutorials. I personally plan on working through Maya Help and going from tutorials from there if that doesn't cover what I need(Switching from Blender since I haven't used it for about seven years and it's changed too much).