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By Haunts
#7141 there bossy and the pay me minimal wage.
By Yaseen
#7379 I think bosses have different colored names and from the what I have heard there not very common
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By Jack_Attack12
#7380 Well... They have a blue name for a comman boss and i heard red for rare..... They drop good items. Somtimes masterballs and tms
By TLesniak
#7490 Yesterday i found a boss Magnemite. It had a yellow name so if Jack_Attack12 is correct it was the semi-most rare one. It seemed noticeably bigger than the normal ones and it had the lvl of 32, whilst the normal ones seem to be between 10 - 15.
It was very hard to catch, with half it's hp pool left i wasted half a stack of ultra balls. It seemed stronger than usual but not strong enough to compete with a pokemon that was around lvl 40.
I wasn't able to catch it and study it further since my game crashed and when i logged back in it despawned.
Bosses are extremely rare. After around 3 days of active playing in 2.0 this is the first one i have encountered.
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Leqesai wrote:So you're able to catch bosses?
Do they maintain higher stat growth over regular pokemon?

you can catch them yes, i would kill them though to get the rare drop (unless you still get it when you catch it but i doubt it) and their stats are normal from my knowledge
By TLesniak
#7860 Today i found another boss magnemite with yellow text by the same location as the one that despawned. This makes me believe that they have fixed spawn locations and aren't purely random. I also found a ekans with a blue name, although the amount of minor mobs in the same evolutionary chain surrounding it was very few. This makes me believe: "The higher tier boss, the more minor mob spawns around it".