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By Brawnk
#86362 I completely agree that poke-balls are a huge pain to make, but I can see why the developers chose to do it that way, as it's the way Kurt makes pokeballs in G/S/C. I think a nice addition would be randomly generating pokemarts, with maybe a modded villager who sells stuff.

By claudekennilol
#86369 That's why I'm giving my feedback. Since it's a work in progress and this is my first impression. It's really helpful for developers to get fresh looks at things from new users--especially while it's still under active development. When I was browsing through the server forum it looked like most servers had NPCs set up as shops where pokeballs could be bought. I don't know how most users play the mod, but if a lot are going to servers like this then they won't realize the tediousness of making pokeballs and thus never complain about it. Of course, it could just be that I'm the only that thinks it takes too long as set up now, which is also completely valid.
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By Rados
#86442 Pokemarts are a planned feature in the future, but Yes, most people play on servers, which can be either survival or adventure(pre-made map with stores and gyms etc.). Playing with a friend could help overcome that Tediousness of yours as well. If you want to play on a server, there's a section called "Server Listing" On the forums here.