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By mclovinislegit
#86086 So, you guys no how hard it can be too find Mew, right? And that most people make jokes about finding a Mew as soon as they spawn? Well, done. Yeah. I find freakin Mew as soon as I spawn and it was like when Ash sees Ho-Oh in the animated series. I was kinda bummed out. I already have 3 Masterballs and I have cheats disabled. My highest level pokemon is lvl 47. This Ext Hills biome just throws a boss out like every five minutes lol..... AND I have a shiny Arbok.

By bossrunner456
#86276 He's trying to make us jealous. Ext Hills is short for extreme hills.
By EmperorEhryn
#86307 Single player mode gets boring really fast imo. You needa hit up a legit survival or adventure server :P