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By shadowolf96236
#7609 first off I've found many fossils but only after changing the texture to include a bright pink XD there sooooo well camouflaged.
I'm currently trying to fill up the pokedex legit style and I can't find fire stone shards / moonstone shards, anyone know where to find these?

also is gengar alakazam and golem trade only to evolve now, or can they still evolve with happiness?

and finally, where are all the pidgeys XD

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#7620 pidgeys are most likely a bug, many people cant find them, golem, alakazam, and gengar have always evolved through trade, so set up a server to trade really quick or something to get them, and for first stone shards, you find them under lava in the over world (like around level 30 and under) currently, you cant get moon stones, correct me if im wrong (anyone) but i think they can be a drop from boss pokemon though
By Yaseen
#8685 This topic actually reminded me that we still need to think of a way for moon stone shards to spawn, I remember talk about a meteor on the old forums or something along those lines.