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By SSJMelon
#90402 These guys claim to be youtubers to advertise for you to lure you into a false sense of security and then grief/spam/curse.
Here are their Usernames:

Don't let these guys onto your server as they just attacked Heracrosscraft.

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#90411 you'd be dumb to give op to anyone, even if you did know they were youtubers..........
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By Kuwoobie
#90854 Unless they have a decent amount of subscribers and can prove it, they aren't worth your time. If they ask for anything special for being a so called "Youtuber", give them a warning, and ban if they continue. They almost always travel in groups like that-- anyone who says "Why is my friend HurrrNurrrrDumbNamehere banned?" should probably be banned as well lest they continue their friend's work while you aren't looking.

Super_Santiago is already banned on our servers. I don't remember why, but probably for this very reason.

Refer to this thread for shared ban lists to prevent grief/spammers and other parasites from entering your server.


Feel free to post your own Banned-players list as well.