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#49704 Okay -- next hurdle.

We've changed the item IDs for the villager to buy and sell, but are we using the right IDs for Pixelmon items? My son wants to exchange Cooked Blue Apricorns for one Pokedex. In the Config file, we found the item IDs as 10112 for the Apricorns and 10027 for the pokedex. But when we go to the villager, he has nothing to trade or sell.

To troubleshoot, I tried it with regular Minecraft items (dirt and diamond) and it worked (and what a deal, too!). But the 5-digit Pixelmon IDs don't work.

Any help?

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By GhostWolf2398
TTC wrote:*Bump*

An help?

You can try adding 256 to the datavalues from the Pixelmon.cfg file. All mods get their data values offset by 256 to accommodate the vanilla minecraft items.
By Vikerus
TTC wrote:*Bump*

An help?

Actually I can do you a big favor with this.
Use this : ... s-in-game/

It's simple and easy to use. Just be sure not to mess something up on a villager if he is set to invulnerable. Broken entities can break the map.
By RobertMoon1211
#183642 Wow thanks a lot for sharing this it really helped me out a great deal, keep up the good work and keep sharing such useful stuff through which we the forum members could learn a lot of useful stuff.

Robert Moon