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By Copy Cat Master
#104922 A short, fast and easy guide with details on how to install a resource pack. Please pardon my English and grammar.

Firstly, find a resource pack/texture pack and download it.

Make sure the resource pack version is the same Minecraft version that you going to play. As example, if you are going to play Minecraft version 1.6.4 then make sure the resource pack that you going to use is for version 1.6.4 too. Some resource pack might work on different version but it might have glitch or bug so, keep that in your mind.

Next, after you done downloading the resource pack. Click the windows icon and type "%appdata%". Click the "roaming" folder then click the ".minecraft" folder and click the "resourcepacks" folder. Drag and drop your downloaded resource pack in the "resourcepacks" folder. Do not extract your resource pack. Leave it as .ZIP file.

Lastly, open your Minecraft and load your game. Go to options & click resource pack then load the resource pack. Done & have fun.

Psssttt.... Recommended resource pack for Pixelmon:

PokeBallers Resourcepack: Click here
PokeBox ResourcePack: Click here