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By RomeoSync
#106722 Well when playing pokemon consider the type of pokemon you have and also consider what could effect that said pokemon for instance lvl 5 charmander against a lvl 8 magickarp well the charmander would win and would gave alot of exp and would level up and also would even learn ember thus widening your choices of opponents like some higher leveled grass types which reside in the Forestbiome

[*]so now remember to always consider the weaknesses of your Pokemon and the strengths of that said pokemon

[*]P.S. keep in mind the nature of your Pokemon because sometimes it play a big roll in a battle

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By Some Body
#107663 Magikarp is a special case because it doesn't learn any Water-type moves. It doesn't even get any offensive moves until level 15, and with a miserable 10 base attack, its Tackle will do pitiful damage. It doesn't give very good experience compared to most Pokémon, but if you're starting out and it's several levels above you, the way that experience gain is scaled means that they are nice to train at first.

Once you get into higher levels, it all depends on your capabilities and your opponent's. Generally, the higher the Pokémon's level, the more experience it will give. If you think you can defeat it due to type matchups or due to the opponent being a mediocre Pokémon, you'll be rewarded with a good chunk of experience. If the Pokémon is a boss Pokémon (they are always a few levels higher than your Pokémon), you may also obtain some nice held items or TMs.
By 1Charak2
#107692 I agree with some body Magikarps become useless at around levels 7-9