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By Pizzaking2003
#65485 Hi. I am very new to Minecraft & Pixelmon. I downloaded Minecraft 1.6.2 and I downloaded pixelmon 2.2.1 and Pixelmon resources, but they don't seem to be linked in any way. None of the items from pixelmon 2.2.1 seem to be added to Minecraft. What am I doing wrong? Please help. Thanks.

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By Foquine
#65624 Pixelmon 2.2.1 is not working with Minecraft 1.6 or 1.6.2
That's the problem.
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By Kevaka953
#65632 It a 1.5.2 mod it will not work with1.6.*
There not conpatibul
By mrhuggles2
#65792 I Have Been Wondering The Same Since They Took The Jar File Out In 1.6.1.
How Will This Mod Be Installed O-o
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By Kevaka953
#65809 Install forge
By tigerstripesk8
#66300 I have a similar issue to Atoan, my start.command file DOES find the jar, but states in the command prompt thing

"Katharines-MacBook-Pro:~ Kate$ /Users/Kate/Desktop/start.command ; exit;
Invalid or corrupt jarfile minecraft_server.jar

when I attempt to run it. I'm trying to use Forge v7.8.0.705, as is mentioned in the announcement saying how to install a server. I've reinstalled several times, trying a different version of forge each time. Also I'm not sure it's relevant, but I'm using OSX Mountain Lion(10.8)