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By ryancpexpert
#63710 Since the new update is coming out and i know a lot of people don't know how to install mods for it, I decided to make a tutorial on how to do so.

Text Tutorial:
Step 1. First you need to go download the latest version of forge and get the installer for easy installation.
Step 2. Once you download it, right click on it when it's on your desktop and choose to open it with java and it should look like this:
Then select Install client and press Ok and it should generate a new file in your versions file.
Step 3. If you didn't already have a mods folder in your .minecraft, there should be one now. If you alreadt have any mods in there take them out and put the Pixelmon file in.
Step 4. Change your Version to the one that says 1.6.2-Forge(Insert Version Here), when you have done that it should look like this:
After that click Save Profile and your done!

Video Tutorial:

By Mudkip512
#64373 Basically if u don't want to watch his vids or u don't have that much time for most forage mods I think Pixelmon too after u install forage go into your .minecraft folder and make a mods folder then drop the mods if they are zipped in there