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By igzoz
#107136 You're welcome, when I first started playing competitively i had no idea what EV's where and no one would tell me because it was "too complicated" so I didn't want other people to have to surf the whole web and get info from 100 sites and don't know which are correct and which aren't, so basically I don't want people to go through what I did. :)
By igzoz
#112388 no there isn't anyway to do it legit, if you're playing on a server which offers an EV reset as a donation perk or something like that, and i think there is a way to do it from the database or something but i dont know.

but if you're asking for a legit way, there is none
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By KuroMakai
#135402 The 252 rule does not apply to Pixelmon. It is actually better to go 255 in a stat as it -does- round up in Pixelmon. You can indeed bypass max stats by 1 point. Therefore instead of having 63/63/1 bonus stat points you can have 64/64 which is far more beneficial.