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By CincyReds
#92776 Hey everyone,
So here is my dilemma. After much consideration, I've decided to start recording and make a youtube channel. I just invested $1000 on a new computer and equipment, so I'm hoping it won't just be another channel with blurry, laggy videos with terrible sound made by a 12 year old. I want to do this for my own enjoyment. However, my MC name is CincyRedz, which is a Major League baseball team.. Obviously it would be very hard to market a name like that. That would be another $20 or $25 out of my pocket for another account. However, I could just make the channel name irrelevant to the name, perhaps RedZoneGaming or something along those lines. I'm not sure how successful that would be. I will be doing lots of other games like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Rollercoaster Tycoon, but MC will be my main focus. Let me hear your thoughts of if it is worth getting a new account, what games you'd like to see. or anything else.

This is a possibility for the channel banner that I whipped up while avoiding studying for final exams. (still am) I would put the name of my channel in there too.

By PhelpsterUK
#92791 Hey there :)
If you're going to cover other games I think having a name for the 'production' would be fine since you can relate it to other games. I'd make a search for it first on various medias such as Facebook, twitter, youtube and even web domains (In case you ever decide to get your own) That way you're more likely to have something generically easy to find.

With any project it takes a while to kick off. For a long while you may find you have little to no viewers. This doesn't mean people don't/won't like your content, it's just that not everyone has seen it yet. There are millions of users on the internet and it won't appeal to everyone and by no means will you ever make everyone happy, there will always be haters so NEVER take it personally!
Take time to build your audience and make sure you spend the time to communicate with them.

Always remember that it's something that YOU want to do, you're doing it for your own enjoyment and I guarantee others will enjoy it too after time and dedication has been put into it. So don't always ask your audience for feedback, at least not until you have a good audience to ask it from. One thing that kills early videos in my opinion is when the creator is asking 'so what do you guys think?' or 'Let me know what you'd like to see'. Early videos are there for you and you alone until others come along and appreciate it.

This is all my own opinion and take it all with a pinch of salt, I'm by no means a professional.
Just always keep your head up and don't give up no matter what! And remember to enjoy every minute of it.

As for the banner the nude 'behind' may offend some people or not be age appropriate. Remember Minecraft like a lot of games is aimed at kids, get to know your target audience and try not to step over that line.

Good luck with your project and I hope it all goes well for you.
By CincyReds
#92812 Wow, I appreciate the response! Yeah, I've been making a list of ways to differentiate myself from the rest of the pack so I can catch some interest. I've just noticed how much more fun people have when they commentate and have fun with an audience, while I'm just staying quiet to myself while I play. I also love learning new things, such as modeling pixelmon, video editing, and recording. I spent like 3 hours learning Blender and creating a pokemon, then I find out there was one already made (10x better than mine.) This is the main reason I want to do this, so I enjoy my games more. I'll try to be aware and cautious with my content, keeping it safe. Knowing myself, however, profanities will slip through, but I'll keep it at a minimum. The guy in the banner is my skin that I created though haha.

I do have three weeks until my computer gets here unfortunately. This does give me time to think of a new name if I do choose to get a new account. I'll also try to make a new banner. I'm not sure if you yourself made that, but it blows mine away haha.
Once again, thanks for the response! Hopefully I have enough patience to make it all work.