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By lugiaisbeast101
#94548 In the blog it states that there will be a new biome and that there will be showing a video soon, so I'm not revealing any hidden information and such. Anyways, before that video comes out, what do you think the biome will be about, and what pokemon do you expect to see there? If you know already (devs and such) I would kindly ask for you not to give any hints and what-not, would kind of defeat the purpose of this post :)

I'll start off by saying that it could be some type of fire/lava biome, kind of like the nether. I don't think they'd recreate the nether, but I think they will be adding possibly a suitable environment for those fire type pokemon, maybe you'll see some rock types and such roaming around as well. What do you think the new biome will be like and what pokemon it'll contain?

By lugiaisbeast101
SPG wrote:im expecting storm troopers, lots and lots of storm troopers


Damn I'm tearing up now, I nearly spilled my drink. :lol: