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By joshua1316
#94859 Hi im looking for a Co-Owner to help me run a Pixelmon Server. I know all about running minecraft Server's From Rank's to plugin's to well just about everything. Ive Ran 2 servers before, I'm looking for someone who know's How Pixelmon works and all About Pokemon. Pretty much I can code and set up and i need you to tell me what needs to be taken off and restricted to players.

- Must be 20+ Years old "Must be able to prove you are"
- Must have Microphone "to talk wile we work on the server"
- Must be mature "Keep it Professional"

What im looking for:
- Full Knowledge of Pixelmon
- Full knowledge of Pokemon
- Knowledge of Pixelmon Server
- knowledge of how pixelmon server's work "Ranks,Level's,spawn's,Restrictions of things"

What you get:
- Co-Owner
- An owner of your own server

Reply to this thread if you are interested. Im looking for serious people only. This could take a wile to find the rite person so don't expect to be an owner of a server in a couple weeks, Servers take time to make.

Please Fill out this and post or private message me if u don't want to post.

The more u have and tell me about how much you know about pixelmon Server the better u are! If you have any questions please contact me.

Whats your name?
How old are you?
How long have you been playing pixelmon?
How much experience do you have on pixelmon servers?
Have you ever been Admin/mod on a pixelmon server?
Have you ever ran a Minecraft Server?
Do you know how most pixelmon Servers are ran "Ranks,shop's exc.." ?
What would you want in a pixelmon server?
what would you do if i picked you to be an owner of the server?
What do you want to see in the server?
Tell me about yourself!
For the most part i will pay to keep the server up, but if you had to help for some reason would you?
What do you think about paid rank's,item's?

By Roelmaestro
#95993 Hi there!

I am curious as to what kind of server you intend to set-up! Do you plan to start it out small or go for glory instantly? What is the size of the player base you are considering? Also, do you intend to launch a server that is heavy with plugins or one that is as vanilla as practicallity allows?