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By enkilleridos
#95076 Google made my brain seriously hurt. I tried to find out the information about this to try and make some sense as to when the games happened in relation to how much time has passed between them. Bulbapedia confused me more, and most links I clicked on sent me to conspiracy theories that gave me ideas. There was one that was obviously purely fictional, but would make an excellent B grade Suspense/Thriller movie. Nothing that really cleared up any of my questions, it all just became too confusing. (Damn you Google!)

When did the games happen in relation to each other? Like did Gen1/Gen3 and Gen2/Gen4 happen concurrently? Leaving Gen V as the future? Or was Gen 1 the future and Gen V the past? Or something else? Sometimes I hate the internet it destroys my preconceptions with information that is probably false.

So can someone explain or answer, or make some sense of what they think the time line of the main games is? I know it isn't something completely confirmed, but there are things I would like to know what most people consider as the "official storyline time line." I would prefer not to know how these conclusions are made, I have had enough of that for a lifetime. I would like to know simply after the remakes what is the Time Line between Generations.

What I want is simple Gen 1 -> Gen 2 etc. Where Gen 1 happened first and Gen 2 happened after a period of time. or if two generations happen concurrently like Gen 1/Gen 3 -> Gen 2/Gen 4. Again I really don't need the logic behind it, I just need somethings cleared up.

Before my expedition on Google and looking at some of the darker portions of the internet (you would be surprised where searching pokemon generation time line sends you on the internet.) I thought it went like this Gen 1 -> Gen 2 -> Gen 3 -> Gen 4 -> Gen 5. But now I am not so sure..Can someone ease my migrane and give me some useful information on this pretty please?

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#95112 it goes gen 1 -> 2 then gen 3 happens the same time as one (because different people, its 100% possible) then gen 4 after all that, then 5 then b2/w2
as for gen 6 im 99% sure its after 5
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By enkilleridos
#95181 Thank you. I only asked up to Gen 5 because I thought Pixelmon wasn't going to Gen 6 for quite sometime.

Here's another question.

Hypothetically speaking, if someone made a quest line that depicted a civil war between the regions at least at a time frame of 10 to 15 years, how well recieved would a storyline like that be? (Not including Unnova or the one in Gen 6)

The whole reason for this thread is so I can get a better handle on the timeframe prior to Gen 1 I have to work with. To craft a series of quests that hardcore fans wouldn't pick apart too horribly. That isn't very far in the past of Gen 1, but still gives a little room so it doesn't end at the beginning of where Gen 1 is supposed to start.