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By Pokenerd8
#100446 Im not sure where i should have posted this. but wanted to ask about animation. is there a certain system each pokemon have like quadroped bipedal, flying, unipedial etc.. or if each pokemon would have there own unique animation. i have played alot with bones and animation. so sometime thought i could help out with that. anyway, didnt know if certain pokemon like magmortar (biped) would have the same animation as electrovire (biped) or if it would be unique such as Magmortar's Flames on his body move, and electrvire's tail does a wave animation.

- sorry, i recently came back so i wanted to learn more about how stuff was getting set up now.

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By Burgy
#100468 I'm not 100% sure on this anymore. SPG mentioned a rigging system that someone created. However, I don't know anything about that.

What we used to do is take the model apart by its legs, arms, torso and head and then animate them by rotating the parts. You can see this in Rayquaza the best. If you look at it up close you can see segmented pieces moving.