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By Omio9999
#107867 tl;dr of thread: A question's baffled me, what in hades is said question's raison d'etre?
Not expecting replies or anything, but if someone wants to discuss with me on something, I'd gladly welcome it. Anyways!

Recently, I applied to become a moderator, and one of the questions was "Why is a manhole cover round?".
Thinking that this question was possibly a defense against spambots (as unlikely as it sounds, I know they'll get anywhere and everywhere just to spam), I answered more-or-less saying it was for structural integrity (in short), and in evident response to that, I was declined, and given no helpful feedback (basically "not for spambots kbai" in essence).

I'm not blaming the staff here, please understand this before going nuts.

Having gotten such feedback, and nothing helpful to otherwise answer the question, what other purpose can this serve? Are you supposed to write some kind of 1000 word essay about it, or is it intended to actually baffle, and get an "I don't know" response? I'm fairly certain that moderators can't entirely say "I don't know" in a perfectly understandable context (description in essence says they need to know answers to just about everything) unless it's a general consensus, and even then, usually, someone else presents that conclusion. If I understand the role right, mods basically sweep the spam away, and keep the peace in check, and are also generally accepted as someone that will answer any and all questions, regardless of how random they might be.

My conclusions are down to three things:

1) there's an inside joke I missed, and I'm getting called a moron for it in an indirect, paper-pusher's way (kinda unprofessional, and I hope this isn't the case at all!),
2) that question is intended to flag out how serious/lax people are (the whole "I don't know" thing earlier may be a trap that everyone with a very serious mentality may fall for, but not my call to make), or
3) I'm missing a whole notion entirely, and I'm just plain too stupid to see it (and knowing me, this is the likely case... xD)

So in summary, essence, and conclusion: Am I missing something here?

I'll also note that with the rest of the questionnaire, I tried to be honest, professional, and flexible, and it's a little difficult to do when some parts of it are so restricting.

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By Omio9999
SPG wrote:Its an intelligence test

Ah, something I missed. Thanks. =3

EDIT: Go ahead and burn/lock this thread. No point to it now.