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By 1Charak2
#109133 hey guys im making this forums topic so u can tell the world What is the pokemon You like even though its considered weak by other...

My one has to be Furfrou (Because i found its abilty cool and the fact u can change its apperance...) and then my friend told me its not battle worthy cause its a normal type and told me to get a kangaskan...

By Copy Cat Master
#109155 Magikarp - nuff said.

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By redrafter
#109223 Sunkern. It's statistically lower than Magikarp, and can still be used to sweep a perfect team online.

Otherwise, dem Magikarps.
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By Aichu
#110885 I dont know why everyone hates gen 6 starters , i absolutely love it , but i've seen atleast 30+ people hating starters .
By 1Charak2
#111637 Another weak poke i like is Feebas Why Its got bad stats like magikarp yet can learn alot of good moves

Tis the best of both worlds
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By Tom_X
#111812 Wishmur, it's considered bad at fighting and people just want to evolve it, but I like how dull it is, I find it somewhat cute