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By Copy Cat Master
#109702 GTA SA, OSU!, Minecraft and Wolfteam.
By 1Charak2
#109708 well... it all began one summer morn I went round my Friends who was playing Pokemon Fire Red I was amazed at the little creatures fighting eachother I had a great imagination then so i imagined colossus creatures Attacking Each other so i brought emerald and i have been playing Ever since Pokemon I salute you

Also i like Team Fortress 2 "oops that was not medicine"- the medic
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By Aichu
#110911 Pokemon minecraft call of duty ghost and battlefield 4
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Aichu wrote:Pokemon minecraft call of duty ghost and battlefield 4

lol, call of duty, you sir are hilarious
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By Aichu
#111001 Thankyou , well i dont have enythink to play when im borred ;s
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By Animalol
#111164 Skyrim, hands down.
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By Tom_X
#111803 Flappy bird, of course...
Jk, Minecraft, GTA S.A. & V, and of course the ever-great Mario Bros.
We should do a thread of the worst games ever, so I can mention Call of Duty ;)