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By Codzhe
#22622 Salamance because it is awesome way to overpowered and it can be used in ou.
By I_master_mind_I
#24201 I like mudkips don't know why maybe cause there cute and evolve into a powerful swampert.
By Lettucecow
#54210 Sceptile. First starter, favorite pokemon. Munchlax is my second favorite, hes cute :D
By CrimsonTornado
#54958 Charizard by far, is my favorite. Ever since I was a kid, I used to play pokemon red, and always choose Charmander, I love fire type pokemon, and fire type starters. Also, Charizard in it's shiny form just looks so damn bad ass, it's normal color is amazing too. Who wouldn't want to have a dragon-like pokemon who isn't a dragon type, and can learn dragon type moves?
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By Rzxa
By Blaze150
#55165 My fav poke is def INFERNAPE just cause hes so freaking badass and he saved me in Diamond so many times plus he is the best competitive starter besides blaziken but blaziken is banned in worlds. Also Infernape is just so op well before gen5 anyway but still hes just so awesome