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By Lettucecow
#43882 my favorite pokemon, sceptile is a grass type but i like water types better then grass types, its wierd i know.
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By Haunts
#46437 Ghost cause ghosts are cool
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By Blaster
#46642 Fire, Psychic and Dragon

Fire: Torchic was my first starter, Blaziken and Rayquaza were the only two Pokémon that I took with me to defeat the Hoenn Elite Four and Wallace (the game was Emerald), I went through more Hyper potions and revives that day then in any other Pokémon game. The designs over all are great (I don't include Enboar in that...)

Dragon: Epic designs and it's always satisfying seing Draco Meteor hit :)

Psychic: That mostly relates to Gardevoir and Espeon which are some of my favorite pokemon