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By Blaster
SPG wrote:
Waterboyr wrote:No they are dogs... I know they really aren't anything like dogs but are officially dogs.

no they arent, they are officially beasts

SPG's right, I guess everyone calls them the Dog Trio because they kind of (if you squint your eyes and look to the left while on your head) look like dogs (moreso then cats)

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By Evilnature
#106206 mine was gen 2 simply because feraligator looks like a badass. but i like all gen pokemon i been playing pokemon since i first came out and colleced the cards before the game came out. and i played all the pokemon apart from crystal and loved them all.
By Forever Is Now
#106500 Gen 3. Someone above mentioned that they think creativity took a nose dive then, but I couldn't disagree more. The Legendary's plotline was awesome because it actually affected the world, and the games had a decent difference between them. The soundtrack was arguably the best of any of the games, and Emerald including the Battle Frontier was the best attempt Game Freak has ever given towards endgame content.

I didn't like Gen 4 too much, and i hated the Pokiemon designs in Gen V, but the story was phenomenal. Gen VI had super good gameplay, too
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By Blaster
#106553 Can we all agree to this, the perfect new Pokémon game would be, new Pokémon, Unique region with varying places to explore, a plot based off of the one in Gen 5, Gen VI's gameplay, Fire Red and Leaf Green's End game (with its own Gyms like in Gen 2) along with Emerald's Battle Frontier. Any Objections?
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By tsdrummer
#106646 I like Gen 3 cause it has 2 of my favorite starters in it, Torchic and Treeko
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By Krotuskang
#106896 This question.... Is more which gen did you start with to me.... I started back when pokemon first came out on the gameboy. It was pokemon blue, I was super excited but it was a different game, with less features and simpler design.... I jumped to pokemon gold and enjoyed it. after that the Nintendo advanced came out, but we where to poor to afford one for a long time. so untill pokemon black and white came out when I had a job... they took over, I was not thrilled :s Now with pokemon y I have fallen back into warm bracing arms of pokemon.