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By SuchArceus
#117721 Gen 3 was by far my best pokemon version, AMAZING story line and good models, second would be pokemon silver, loved it how it had no colour, and how i forget to put the charger in the gameboy, having to restart all over again as the save button didn't work...... :( Although i usually don't like the newer gens as the models, in my opinion are ridiculous and have no originality, as well as the names of them, i quite liked black and white 2 but i quit when at the elite four because the design of the place place was bad, and to me it was just boring trying to defeat the elite four.
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By ShininK
#118461 3rd gen. I have most memories with 1st gen, but I've loved the 3rd gen games most. And it has many pokemons that I love, only bad thing I can think about was no new eeveelutions.
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By Animalol
#118484 Locking, as this is a necro-thread. It was made a year ago already.