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By Waterboyr
Tom_X wrote:
Waterboyr wrote:
The_Nanobots wrote:Haunter
I must say, Haunter does look interesting, different, and possibly the best in pixelmon so far!

Did I mention I liked you too?

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By KuryoZT
lugiaisbeast101 wrote:Oh, did I mention I liked Lugia?

not in the mod yet though -_-
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By Byers5985
lugiaisbeast101 wrote:
Byers5985 wrote:Ditto because in reality ditto is every pokemon you ever wanted to be in this post so that you cant argue that this pokemon is better than another. Best solution ever! :D

But transform doesn't work so point is invalid :) So, as of now, ditto is just ditto.

Ya But ditto will be so epic when it works :mrgreen: