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By Hiroku
#25072 I have a wiener named shadow

Coz you never see it coming
BADUM tisss

By Windjoe
#25086 I have a hotdog that I eat everyday.
By Jumpyporcupine
#25163 Wow shadow is a lot more common name than I thought. But it doesn't make him any less special!
By PoliticsRbad
#34973 Isis - Bengal Cat
Artemis - Tuxedo cat
Chaos - Ferret
Bandit - Ferret
Sugar - Albino Ferret
Lava - Shar-Pei
By Sonofleo
#35023 I like cats but i have 2 dogs. there still cute though :3
Breed Name Color
Pomeranian Simba-Brown
Fitz+Pomeranian Nala -White

There names were based on the Lion king movie :3
By Rudy156
#35682 I have a dog that sleeps all day
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By SuperiorSnayke
#44791 i have seven cats
snickers: american shorthair (represents the inside of a snickers bar)
ninja: york chocolate and climbs on everything
bella: cow pattern cat. extremely bipolar
picasso: sits around and does nothing. (russian blue color)
tamy: bipolar just like bella but is pure black hair
sheeba: same like tamy but very timid
pustacio: awesome siamese cat. is like ninja exept older.