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By BaconGeek
#191191 If you enjoyed, please check out TheMagicLegoPokemon's channel and/or subscribe to mine. Any support for either channel would be greatly appreciated :)

Lego would love some support right now, as he is starting to be discouraged by the lack of subscribers and views he has. I am not asking for anyone to subscribe to him, but at least leave him a comment of encouragement on one of his videos.

Side note: If you are tired of this series, GOOD NEWS! This series is going to be taking a short break, as I have unable to record any Pixelmon with Lego for the last few weeks. Do not be discouraged, fans of this series (if there are any), this series will start back up again in a few weeks. During that time, another Minecraft mini-series will be covering for it. I would encourage that people view those videos, as the map that my friend and I will be playing is VERY, VERY cool in my opinion.

Enjoy the video!