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By HappyKitsune
#197534 What do you guys think of this map, I know you can't see the whole map from the screenshots but is there anything you'd change or ideas we could add? ... is-region/

We tried to make it feel like an actual pokemon game rather than an open minecraft world map
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By SKy2008
#197536 Gorgeous builds you have there. very reminiscent of the original games, like you said. Especially that safari zone and space shuttle ramp look very nice. And I like how you included the jumping ledges. Such nostalgia. :D

Personally I'd add a few more irregularities though. The entirely flat areas and neatly aligned map border trees are just too perfect and thus feel a bit static and artificial.
Some variation would improve that in my opinion - like set some of the trees a block fore or back, make the leaves a lot less regular, maybe have a different type of tree here and there... Same for the terrain. Even a bit of height variation would make it feel much more natural; patches of one or two blocks higher or lower here and there help a lot (compare generated "flat" desert terrain to your flat desert). Slab borders can help give streets more depth, switching up walls with patterns of different materials makes them less boring, etc...