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By SireSolo
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Hey guys! I am proud to finally represent to you PIXeLMON Water Blue! After searching for and playing quite a few Pixelmon maps, I have decided to make my own, addressing real issues that many maps have overlooked. I have a well-planned and heavily beta-tested economy, utilizing the Villagers system in a unique way with the Pixelmon system. There are many Villager shops selling a ton of different items. The shops progress and the Merchant inventories advance as you travel further into my custom-made world. Numerous towns and cities to travel thru, or call home. My map aims for a fantasy-Pixelmon type feel, like no other map I have played honestly. This might just be the alternative Pixelmon gem you were looking for. So, are you tired of playing Pixelmon on a randomly generated Minecraft map? Want something similar to the games on the handheld consoles of Pokemon? Well, why not give my up and coming Custom Map based on Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red. Currently the map is not complete, however it is ready for PreRelease Beta testing.

The current areas that are complete are:

Pallet Town, Route 1, Viridian City, Route 2, Viridian Forest, Pewter City, Route 3, Mt. Moon, Route 4, cerulean City, Route 24/25, Route 5, Route 6, Vermilion City, Route 11, Route 9, route 10, Rock Tunnel, Lavender town, Route 8, Route 7, Celadon City, Route 16, Route 17, Route 18, Fuchsia City, Route 15, Route 14, Route 13, Route 12, Saffron City, Route 21, Cinnabar Island, Seafoam Islands, Victory Road, MewTwo's Cave, and the Sevii Islands

Mods needed to play smoothly are:

Pixelmon Reforged (7.2.0)

Optional for better experience:


That's it! Everything else is done with command blocks!

Looking for people to make videos for this WIP map. Thanks!

Come check out our FaceBook Page to know when and update is made, and a better way to talk with the map maker!


But there is a way for you to keep your hard earned pokemon and items, even after a map update... all you need to do is:

say you have the original world file (orig.)

and you have the updated world file (update)

normally when you download a map or a world you have to redo stuff in the new world "save"

however on a map like this if you go ahead and download the updated world file, copy all files in the region folder and paste them into the "original" worlds region file (make sure you replace all existing files) and in my maps case, the custom NPCs folder(with all the files in it... this has all the updated dialog between updates) it will keep your items/pokemon in inventory.

Keep in mind, whatever version of Minecraft you will need that version of Pixelmon and Custom NPC Mod as well, or your game might crash. Also, please remember, this is only a Pre-Release Beta Version, do to the fact that it is not nearly complete as it should be to be considered as a Beta Version or anything else. I will be posting updates to the map as often as I make a big enough change. Please use my map only as an idea of what to expect, or for bug issues that may arise. Thank you, and enjoy it!

Update: FYI, I'm currently updating the map to work with the current Pixelmon 7.2.0 version with MineCraft version 1.12.2... keep your eyes peeled... There are new features added to the map as well! Currently, I'm about 25% complete with the new update!

FaceBook Page
Planet MineCraft Page