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By Dietrech
Sundial_MC wrote:
Dietrech wrote:Hi there! I'd like to request a skin from you.

Type: Trainer (Pokemon breeder) Here's a picture --> Image
Gender: Male
Physical appearance: Make it look as close to the picture as possible.
Accessories: Please make the bandanna a hat accessory.
Additional Notes: I just wanna say thanks ahead of time :)

There. Tell me if anything needs something else :3

Between the right arm and the body is a bag by the way

Its perfect! Thanks.

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By Noooooooooooooah
#26809 Type (Trainer, human, random guy... Etc): Pokemon Zoroark

Hair colour: Red with Black tips
Eye colour: Blue
Colour theme (Main style of clothing, etc): Fur, blue bead in hair
Just a brief description: It is #571 in the National Pokedex, evolved form of Zorua.
Any additional things? Accessories?: Maybe, if possible (not needed), a little Zorua head sticking out of it's top fur. That's be like in the Movie, which is why I'd like this skin!
Also I've never found a good Zoroark skin, and I've read that you do great!
By FlintCoal
#26836 Type: Trainer ( Specifically the trainer from pokemon colleseum)
This guy... Image

Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: As close to him as possible.
Accessories: Can you make the goggles on his head a hat accessorie.
Additional Notes: I can't wait to see this made, so I can walk around with my Umbreon and Espeon.
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By Sundial_MC
Jack_Attack12 wrote:Type (Trainer, human, random guy... Etc): trainer
Gender: Male
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Hazel
Colour theme (Main style of clothing, etc): Colors of the person in my signature.
Just a brief description: The man in my sig xD
Any additional things? Accessories?: if the cape looks wierd... ignore it.

I've tried to make it as close as possible

Dat spiky hair... I tried to do it with the hat layer of the head but it was like BLUERUHGHGH
so.. yea.

If anything needs more stuff, just tell me and I'll fix it

Woah, it says "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached"

I can't post any more skins... wut