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By ilovepokemon
Hypnose wrote:
Sundial_MC wrote:Oh poop.

I have camps, not going to be able to do anything for a week

It's alright, we can wait. You have fun~ ^^


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By Miniosp11
#60975 hello Mister SEKRET NINJA (don't worry you secret is safe with me.... not) can i have a skin:
Type: this dude Image
Gender: Rainbow Potato
Hair colour: Blood
Eye colour: Green
Just a brief description: he is a gym leader in gen 3 and he is epic and he smokes koffing
Any additional things? Accessories?: can he have sun glasses :3
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By ashouri
#66445 i want a wiered skin :P
Hair colour:black
Eye colour:red
Colour theme (Main style of clothing, etc):dark
Just a brief description:wearing a coat that looks like umbrion

Any additional things? Accessories?:yeah make the circles red