By Sylus
#206156 I keep seeing all these posts complaining about free incense but no balls, and how greedy Niantic is, and all these features they could add to make it better for quarantined people. But the truth is that this game is fundamentally based on walking to achieve goals. Eggs, balls, Pokemon, items, are all acquired by walking. Even the gifts that you give each other come from walking around and spinning pokestops .

I'm not saying we should all stop playing, I'm still planning on catching some good boys when I go out for groceries and stuff. But just keep in mind that this game isn't designed for your lifestyle if you're stuck at home. In order to fix that, Niantic would have to change the game entirely, and we probably wouldn't like it all that much.

So maybe just accept the fact that PoGo isn't going to be one of your daily activities for the next month or two, and try out another mobile game that might work better while you're stuck at home.