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By Firespar
Jack_Attack12 wrote:Its first shiny.

I'll fite u 2 bro

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By LilacLily
#35618 ./ignore (username)
Useful minecraft command right there.
By karrybird
#36465 my first and only legit shiny was a cofagrigas. just after beating the game i was making my way through the ruins in the desert resort trying to obtain my pretty volcarona. found this guy just before i reached the chamber :)

his name is kenny.
By creedican
#36531 Mine was a shiny eevee I got it from a torny. I went into 2k battles on every game and haven't found a shiny yet.
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By Zero_Dude
#36890 Shiny Tentacool on Fire Red. My girlfriend found one in Heart Gold. Shows great promise for us ;)
By Sonofleo
#37026 Oh wait I had a Shiny whismur in emerald. It Was really unexpected
By Lettucecow
#54201 A shiny lotad I found in emerald, which is now in my black 2. I also got a shiny linoone, illumise,magikarp, and lastly dustox. This is why I love pokemon emerald!