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By Hypnose
#33768 At least this isn't like Gaia.. people there are so impatient when waiting for their art..

Jack_Attack12 wrote:•One Pokemon of your choosing Left or Right= Right. A politoed. The expression like the one in my sig. : D Happy!
•Your user name or whatever word/name you choose=ShiinyJack
•Text of your choosing= (top)= Team Bushido 武士道(Bottom)= Common sense isnt that common!
•Background and font colors of your choosing= A pale green, or a pale blue, Can you show me both?
Please list all of this information in this request. Thank you.
p.s can you make Team Bushido 武士道 a bit bigger than normal.

Jack, I see you got a new sig banner. Are you still wanting a sig, or should I scratch you off the list?
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By Shadowfox9356493
#34164 I've noticed in many of your art you have a low amount of sharp corners/edges doe to the fact that you soften them with the style of outlining them with 'rounded' corners (which is great don't get me wrong) so i was beginning to think you weren't good at these sharp edges, and all of a sudden this epic reshiram showed up.. i then realized how good you were at your work on these sketches.. even with the sharp edges that reshiram has, which is good considering that I'd like the font of my username to be a bit sharp-edged, closest thing to this I've been able to draw is a couple of good wolf pictures with about 291 crappy ones before that.. i too am a perfectionist so everything i did try to draw i didn't like because, it ended like nothing i imagined it would look although i used to do some great sketches when i was a little younger but you cant have many good pictures without 'good' round edges (my worst enemy when sketching :lol: another of my drawing weaknesses) too, so i gave up.. plus it was best that a practiced sprite drawing on a computer, due to the fact i begun game making for 2D games which i stopped for a while but I've started again because of my TAFE course in computing..

Again back on topic: great work, looking forward to the sharp edgings, and hope mine gets worked on soon, after the ones that are needed to be done first of course :D, no rush..
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By Shadowfox9356493
MGMP wrote:Text at the top : Lucario , the greatest aurora pokemon in history
I was reading through and i came across this.. 'aurora'? it should be 'aura' there is a big difference, plus lucario uses HIS aura, not the shiny pretty lights that shine in the sky at 2 parts of the earth :lol: however this would be nice as a background having an aurora.. it would be a bit representational to the energy that lucario uses.. :)