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By S_Kunai
#70919 Avatar Request, not signature.

Background Colour?: Whatever looks best for a fire themed avatar

Items (Only 2 of the 3); Still confused by this
Minecraft character [Insert Username] S_Kunai
One Pokemon [Insert Pokemon Name] Torkoal
One character or item [Specify Please] None

Display Name Preferred: S_Kunai
Oval Background Colour: Just fire themed
Oval Colour: Just fire themed

Anything Else? I'm mainly looking for a fire themed avatar with Torkoal on it. Thanks!
By gamingnut2
#71185 Background Colour?:could i get this as my background?:
, if not black or dark grey.

Items (Only 2 of the 3);
Minecraft character Could I have more than 1, if so. [gamingnut2, IMaKitch,vampkitty47,emplomen]
One Pokemon [Insert Pokemon Name]don't need one
One character or item [Specify Please]don't need one

Display Name Preferred:its for my server so, "Gotta Kitch'em All"
Oval Background Colour: red
Oval Colour: white
By Waterboyr
#71223 Background Colour?: Whatever you want I don't care... If you don't want to decide or make it whatever you want it can be maybe dark blue with a light source in the top left, like light shining in maybe?

One pokemon: Squirtle
Minecraft character: Waterboyr
One character or item: A male Krogan (Mass Effect 1-3)

Display Name Preferred: Waterboyr
Oval Background Colour: Black
Oval Colour: White

Anything Else?: Make Waterboyr be blue. Make me be running on the right side, and squirtle running after me. I don't care what the krogan is doing.
User avatar
By Rzxa
#71337 Background Colour?:any

Minecraft character [Insert Username] Rzxa
One Pokemon [Insert Pokemon Name]
One character or item [Specify Please] Zero from megaman x

Display Name Preferred: None
Oval Background Colour:
Oval Colour:

Anything Else? None