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By Rzxa
Burgy wrote:Also, don't mean to dwindle on this. But!
My squirtle is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better;
Eat my dick.

Edit: EDIT:
Just made this while I was sitting here.

Wy wasn't any of this part of the sigs
How many hours does it take to make those art
And how many hours does it take to make this sigs
By Waterboyr
#73420 Well the one you made me wasn't good but it's not offensive because it really isn't. And by the way that was like my third GIMP drawing with my squirtle and I never have done a pokemon before that. Don't take it the wrong way, but yeah I'm not using the sig.
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By Nanoninja99
#73429 Background Colour? Whatever looks good with the lightning

Items (Only 2 of the 3); Still confused by this
Minecraft character [Insert Username] Nanoninja99
One Pokemon [Insert Pokemon Name] Jolteon
One character or item [Specify Please] Red

Display Name Preferred: Nanoninja99
Oval Background Colour: Lightning striking down
Oval Colour: Surprise me?