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By Dark Prinplup
#33175 My Computer is broken and im having a mudkip skin made now. Sorry! Could you use a mudkip skin? And BTW im getting a new account.When my computer is fixed and my IGN is going to be kimochiKip(Also my computer is supposed to be fixed around Summer break((June))

By Sonofleo
#33194 For avatar:
Name: Sonofleo
Background: A Underwater Cavern :3
Pokemon: Vaporeon
By Waterboyr
Burgy wrote:Ok, sure.

Annnnnnnd I just whent a head and made Waterboy's outline because i forgot to check back for your reply :p

Uhhh.... Well it was supposed to be a back view of squirtle holding a sword, injured celebi in between them, and a raquaza's head that you can only kinda see, like in monster movies you know where you might see it snort smoke and see its eyes in darkness? Ooh maybe make it snort? And how about no light source or maybe just light falling on celebi... ... Sorry if this is too hard tel me if it is. But this was a front view of all of them get it... And so yah...
By Waterboyr
Burgy wrote:I get it now. I'll fix that up. And once I colour it in you'd barely be able to see the Rayquaza

Great, thanks!Btw... squirtle's helmet was a bit... large... like he was a bobble head... so you might wanna fix that.