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By TheBootyEdition
#101735 Background Colour?
Left: Surprise me.
Right: Surprise me

Items (Only one or two things please); Surprise me

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] SHINY Zoroark

Display Name Preferred: TheBootyEdition

Anything Else?: Make it sexy and exquisite

By Waterboyr
Burgy wrote:
Datmusic wrote:Hey Burgy could you maybe edit mine and put Spinda into it some where and the words "Wiki-Editor." If not its fine!

There is a one item per signature limit now. But I could put Wiki Editor on it.


NiGHTS4life wrote:I'm trying to make this gif image of Amaura into my avatar but the dimensions are too big. ... amaura.gif

Re size it then?

YES! Looks like the manga. Burgy how do you do all these? You must use magic or like cheat or be professional... You should go into graphic design.
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By Burgy
#101799 I actually do graphic design at school. I just doodle a lot in class and such and then looking at a reference and drawing is really easy ;b.

I take two or three samples from a reference and then use them everywhere that, that colour applies. And then go to the next colour and so forth.
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By Burgy
#101862 Photoshop CS5

CS6 can be bought here; ... l?start=10

And I also used to use Elements 8
Where Elements 12 can be bought here; ... moid=DJDWS

I just like using the outdated software better because I am more familiar with it.
You can also do free trials for Adobe products from their site.
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By Burgy
#102094 Iunno. I don't have a screen recording software. So I can't really.

I mean I guess I could bring out my peg leg and hook arm and sail the seven Internet's and "obtain" me some booty. (Booty as in a screen recording software)
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By Aichu
#102197 If youre borred , you can make me another c;

Background Colour?
Left: Surprise Ash
Right: Surprise Raichu

Items (Only one or two things please); Ash holding pokeball , Raichu electring my name

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] Ash and Raichu

Display Name Preferred: Aichu

Anything Else?:Well you can suprise me by adding more stuff c;
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By Burgy
#102220 Yeah? No. One signature per customer.

Edit: Although, people with my old style of outlining and then colouring in and adding texture may ask for another one. But people with recent ones may not have a second.