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By Waterboyr
#102380 How did you do that thing where those sigs went like a slideshow?
And btw, you new signature is amazing.

One day... Maybe I'll make one thing cool as you and will feel a short moment of pride before your immediately beat me with a better one. I can't wait. :D
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By Burgy
#102387 I have a simple gif maker on my computer. I added all three images and made the transition then saved it as a gif and uploaded to my deviant art stash because they have free gif hosting and then linked it here like every other picture.

And I'm sure you'll become a good artist some day. You just have to find your style of art
Want a revamped signature?
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By Burgy
Burgy wrote:One signature per customer.

Edit: Although, people with my old style of outlining and then colouring in and adding texture may ask for another one. But people with recent ones may not have a second.
By Waterboyr
#102619 Me? Sure.
Thought it's already amazing.
And I'm drinking barqs at the moment and have like 3 newsie hats so it's really cool to me. And for the art, I use GIMP so I can't do as much as you can with adobe.
But one day maybe. Anyway thanks!