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By Copy Cat Master
Burgy wrote:I prefer requests that are not Pokemon actually.

Oh, that is a good thing then. Also, thank you for accepting my request. :3
By Copy Cat Master
Burgy wrote:I think I fucked the hair up really bad

She have twintails hair style, though.

Hmm... well, nothing look weird to me and her head do not too plain so, it's fine.

I assume that her hair mess up a bit after her concert, waking up from bed or something, lol.

Thank you and that was fast to be honest. xD

I will request more next week *evil laughs*.
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By Burgy
#103730 I messed up on his and I could draw humans all day.
Pokemon on the other hand are boring and bland to draw. Plus they are foreign to me and harder to draw.

I make these for free, I do want I want, guuurrrl.
I could just charge 3$ for each and you could have as many as you want ;]
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By Krotuskang
#103772 Background Colour?
Left: Forest Green
Right: Royal Blue

Items (Only one or two things please); Held Pokeball

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] Professor Stein from Soul Eater

Display Name Preferred: Swiftpain

Anything Else?: Fancy background maybe? Cant think of anything else.
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By DarkMoon
#103779 Do I have to donate for you to do these and a stupid question which is how do I get rid of the magikarp on my picture. Anyways here.

Background Colour?
Left: Black
Right: Cyan(lightish blue)

Items (Only one or two things please);

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] Munchlax

Display Name Preferred: DarkMoon

Anything Else?: Can you put Munchlax wearing some dark shades like the glasses in Terminator